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Since Nansin Co. was established in 1947, we have contributed to help Japanese society and industries grow through our portfolio of casters, material handling equipment, rubber and plastic products, die-casting products, and molded products.

Furthermore, with the corporate philosophy of developing human resources and manufacturing, we have expanded our business in various applications not only in Japan but also in the world, enabling us to contribute to the society around the globe.

In the current society, there is a remarkable trend toward automated and unmanned operation. All the needs from customers related to this trend are increasing day by day, and our abundant knowledge and experience is an increasingly vital asset.

Taking advantage of our production capacity and strong planning ability in addition to our unique technological strengths ad high-quality performance polished by years of experience, we will continue to create various products that keep the next generation in mind by taking into consideration the global environment and working condition.

Nansin Group will continue to work harder and unite our efforts in order to meet the customer demands.
We welcome your further expectations and look forward to serve you in any way we can.

President and CEO: Kunihiko Saito