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Since its establishment in 1947, Nansin has contributed to both the Japanese manufacturing sector and society at large through the production of casters, material handling equipment, plastic products, die cast products, industrial-grade rubber and mold goods.

With our management philosophy of "contributing to society at large through the development of people and products", we strive to be a company that is trusted, relied-upon and adored by the general public, through our valued products and staff.

Utilizing my vast experience at Nansin as a driving force, I will push forward Nansin's enterprise value and further prosperity, for the whole of the Nansin Group. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are seeing a change in what was considered to be common knowledge, as well as our sense of values. We need to adapt to these changes in stride, anticipate and incorporate future changes along with implementing a new structure of values.

We will not waiver from our core corporate philosophies as we move forward. I will endeavor to bring sustained and lasting growth by actively implementing a culture where people are not bound to adhere to the ways that things were done in the past and where things that need to be changed will be changed.

Under the slogan of 'Akaruku' (Positivity), 'Tanoshiku' (Enjoyment) and 'Genki-Yoku' (With Vigor), and with a smile on our faces, we aim to be a company that brings smiles to the faces of all, united as one team, resolute in our ambition to progress forward.

Takahiro Yamamoto
President and CEO, Nansin Co.,Ltd.